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Hi, I’m Stuart and I’m a “gardenoholic.” I have been dealing with this addiction ever since I first moved to a house with a small patio and backyard, years ago. Ever since then, my addiction became stronger by the year; I’ve started investing more and more into gardening tools, reading more about organizing a decent garden and ended up creating my own paradise corner, filled with decorative plants, elements, and even those hated garden gnomes. I do not want to fight my addiction but I merely want to find more people who are as intrigued as I am by creating a beautiful Heaven piece from scratch.

Owning a garden is more of a full-time job if you want to make it work. It requires plenty of your time, year-round work, and quite the investment in most of the cases. However, what you can do with a little grass and some decorative plants and elements is truly amazing.

Obviously, there are numerous other bloggers out in the field who may be doing things better than I am, but all I can do is follow them closely, recreate and then create my own twisted garden. So, if you want further inspiration in creating your own nature corner, here is a list of my favorite gardening bloggers of the moment.


Jono Stevens

Jono is your guy if you’re into growing your own veggies and organic food. His posts are on spot, with plenty of details, insights and professional tips on how to grow different types of herbs, veggies, and fruits. He even published his own veggie growing book guide and is followed by thousands of people.

I like his posts because they are simple, authentic, and easy to follow. You can truly see this guy’s dedication and devotion towards fertile soil and all its life wonders.




Floret is a family owned small flower farm business, specialized in growing unique flowers and decorative plants for your most special occasions in life.

I admire the family’s dedication towards flowers and reading their posts is always a pleasure. You can read the hard work and struggle between the lines, and, in some way, I think that this is one of the most important authenticity features – to not be afraid of showing off your flaws and frustrations, but always be willing to overcome them. The “Floret Family” how I like to call these guys are doing just that, so, if you want to learn everything about exquisite flowers and even buy your own seeds, bulbs or grownup plants, they are the ones to follow.



David Marsden

This anxious gardener describes his passion for gardening in few words but wisely chosen. His posts are true, authentic, and filled with personal photos of his work in progress gardens. If you want to learn more about being a good gardener, as well as some useful tips from the professionals, I suggest following him right away.





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