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Making a bit of extra room in my garage has always been a challenging task. On the one hand, I couldn’t seem to get enough space for my tools, although, in theory, there should be sufficient. As you might have noticed if you took the time to check out my blog in the past, I’m passionate about gardening.

So, one day, I thought to myself, “If I can keep my garden organized, why shouldn’t I be able to do the same with my garage?” The first thing I did was clean everything. I had ignored the situation for far too long. My problem was that both the rest of my family and I were using the garage as some sort of space where we dumped things we no longer used. The problem was solved in part when I organized a yard sale with the help of the kid next door.



Once I got rid of the things we didn’t need anymore, I started looking at the walls of my garage. Soon enough, I realized that I wasn’t taking advantage of all the space I actually had. I went to my local hardware store and got some tracks with hooks. That’s where most of my camping equipment ended up, as I finally had a spot where I could hang the sleeping bags, our tent, and even our tennis rackets.

Something else I got, but this time from the dollar store, was a set of plastic boxes. The coolest thing about plastic totes is that they’re affordable, so you won’t have to spend a fortune in order to get them. Next came the labels, which I also got from the dollar store.



For a while, I got distracted because I had some personal problems I had to deal with and had to leave town. When I got back, I found that organizing my garage was almost like therapy, because I became calmer and more relaxed while putting everything in its own place. I bought a tower rack for all my gardening tools, brooms, and other items with handles.

I’ve never been a fan of social media, especially because I know what it can do to people. However, I found about about Pinterest and started making boards about garage organization. I found one related to a sliding storage system that you could hang on the ceiling. Needless to say, it saved my life. I hadn’t even thought of looking up to see where all the room I needed was hiding. I even found a blog with some tips on space saving, and with the help of that article, I used two screws per lid and eventually managed to hang some jars beneath a cabinet.



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