How to build a garden


Having a garden of my own has always been a dream that I had ever since childhood. However, it was only recently that I realized how easy it is to make my dream a reality. With little to no tools and effort, one can create his/her own garden in less than a day, without having to dig or remove turf. So, if you are interested in creating your own small patch garden, follow these easy steps.

First things first, you should start by choosing the place where you want to place it. My advice to you is to set your mind on a place with enough sun so that the plants you will be growing get enough light.


The next step involves buying the needed materials: lumber (the pressure-treated kind is the best), screw bolts (6 inches), landscape fabric (dimensions vary in accordance with the size of the garden you are building), topsoil, compost, and fertilizer. The tools you will need are a drilling press, a shovel, and an electrical screwdriver.


The first step you have to take is to use a drill press to make the necessary holes at the end of the pieces of lumber. Try to connect the four pieces of lumber in such a way as to create a perfectly rectangular or square shape (the shape varies depending on the size of the wood) and fix them by screwing the bolts in.


For the next stage of the process, you should place the now constructed bed in the place you want to set your new garden in. Once you’ve done this, use the landscape fabric to cover the interior ground of the rectangle/square bed. If you have troubles finding this kind of material, just use several layers of paper, this by itself should do the trick. By doing so, you will avoid having blades of grass growing, overspreading and disturbing the growth of your plants.


Then, fill in the bed evenly with topsoil. To do so, I suggest you use a shovel. Also, make sure you don’t fill the bed completely, try to leave about 6 inches to the top empty. Before finishing off, mix the fertilizer with the compost and add this composition as the final layer. Thanks to this last `coat`, your plants will have a rich soil where they can fully grow. Moreover, due to the landscape fabric used at the beginning, you won’t have to worry about having the soil penetrated by grass seeds, as the fabric acts as a barrier that kills the initial layer of grass on which your new garden is set. When you have completed this last step, you can start planting.


This is my simple recipe for building your own garden in just one afternoon. I hope you will find my directions useful; until next time, happy gardening!


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